We want your vehicle! Get the best value for your trade-in!


Kaleb Heath

I would recommend working with Shattuck Motors! They are very easy to work with, very nice and eager to help. Cindy helped call multiple insurance agencies to help find me the best price.

Raeleen McManus

This has been a very positive buying experience for me, I would definatley recommend Shattuck Motors! Cindy was outstanding, she put in a great deal of time and efford helping me with my loan. Very friendly & great customer service.

Tamera Kelley-Clayton

Cindy was very awesome to work with! She was able to work with me, finding the right vehicle in my budget that I liked!

Joanne Root

I have bought now my second vehicle, they are exactly what they described them to be. Honest. 

Cindy and the team at Shattuck Motors was friendly, relaxed, not pushy, very helpful with all of the paperwork, bank, insurance, etc.

Thank you Cindy, you helped me so much and made my decision so easy. God Bless.

Scott and Stephanie Whitehouse

Justin is always willing to help our family, even if we are not spending any money that particular day. Ryan is always super fair on mechanic work. The dogs are awesome!

The whole team helped get us out of a situation that wasn't ideal and made it pleasant. 




Suzanne & Eric Magriby

I would recommend Shattuck Motors because I thought they were very helpful explaining everything and no pressure.

I was very impressed with the girl that did all of the paperwork, so efficient and so nice, you just know if you have a question, you can always call her, and she would always try to help you.


Congratulations Suzanne & Eric on the purchase of your new Subaru Forester! We know you will love the AWD feature this has to offer this winter! It was a pleasure working with you both! Enjoy!

Alden Pellett

I would recommend Shattuck Motors because it is a comfortable family owned business environment. Clearly successful growing company, Engenders trust in all dealings. My salesperson made the whole process easy.


Congratulations Alden from Blue Spruce Builders on the purchase of your new Dodge Durango! We know you will enjoy all of the upgraded features this SUV has to offer for many years to come! As always it was a pleasure working with you and we appreciate the loyalty! Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


Deb & John Harlamert

We would recommend Shattck Motors because it is a wonderful atmosphere to do business and our salesman and the Shattuck Motors team was very comfortable to work with.



Congratulations Deb & John on the purchase of your new 2021 Ford Explorer. We know you will certainly enjoy all of the features this beautiful SUV has to offer for many years to come! We greatly appreciate your many years of continued support.


Butch - Thompsons Redemption

Thank you Butch for coming in and upgrading your current truck for this 2020 Ram 1500! We know you will appreciate all of the new features this one has to offer! We appreciate the business!



As always it was pleasure working with Jesse! Congratulations on your new 2019 F250 with a snow plow! We know you are ready for the upcoming winter months now! Thank you again for your continued support, we appreciate it!


Thank you Tony for making the trip over to purchase your new 2022 Ram 2500 Diesel from us! We know you will enjoy all of the pulling power this truck has to offer!


Sanel NAPA - Derby

Thank you Sanel NAPA for Purchasing this 2022 Toyota Tacoma as well as your other business delivery trucks from us!

We appreiate the continued business. 

Lois Bailey

Thank you Lois for your purchase of this beautiful RED 2021 Chevy Blazer! We appreciate your continued support, and we know this color has alreay grown on you! It was a pleaure working with you! 



Dennis & Becky Jacobs

Thank you Dennis & Becky for your continued support over the past 25 years! We are very happy to see you in this beautful 2020 Chevy Silverado. A well deserved upgrade for you! Enjoy it!

Dan & Gayla Gosselin

Thank you Dan & Gayla for purchasing your new Ford Explorer Sport from us here at Shattuck Motors. We appreciate the loyalty and repeat business! It was a pleasure working with you! Enjoy!


Mikayla Russin

Shattuck Motors is Amazing. The sales team is Awesome to get help from, they take the time for you, which is great! My salesman figured out how to put me in a safe and reliable car. This is my first car and my first loan ever. Shattuck Motors is really great to work with.

Mikayla Russin

Johnson, Vt

Curtis & Brenda

We have been exceedingly suprised with the care and helpfullness with not just with our saleman, but all the staff. They all jumped in to make getting a vehicle fun and painless. Our saleman was very easy to work with. There is no pressure, and he worked with getting the options I was looking for.

Curtis and Brenda

Richford, Vt.

Rosie - Groveton NH

This was my first purchase with Shattuck Motors. I woud recommend them because their treatment was awesome and they made me feel comfortable with my trade. My saleman was very helpful, honest, and very personable. They were really great to work with.


Groveton, NH.

Mark & Claire Draper

We would recommend Shattuck Motors because our saleman was very friendly and wanted to help us find a vehicle that met our needs. We think that the best part of our experience with Shattuck Motors was that our saleman took the time to get to know us and to make a connection. This was our first vehicle from Shattuck Motors, but after our experiance, it will not be our last. Our saleman was very supportive and gave sound advice for what vehicle might meet our needs and we found this SUV that fits us perfectly. Thank you to the team at Shattuck Motors.

Mark & Claire Draper

Montgomery Center, Vt.

Jarid Mathieu

This was our third or fourth vehicle that our family have purchased from Shattuck Motors. They are always friendly and always try to get you the best deal. Our salesman took his time to make sure that our needs were taken care of and he made it a friendly experiance.

Jarid Mathieu

Derby, Vt.


I would absolutely recommend Shattuck Motors to my friends and family. The service and Hospitality was great. This was my first purchase with Shattuck Motors and I am so satisfied. My salesman was very personable and kind. He was great.


Lowell, Vt.

Walter & Kate Johnson

This was our first purchase from Shattuck Motors. Our salesman was very friendly and accomodating, he was very honest and made our vehicle purchase an easy proccess. Very happy.

Walter & Kate Johnson

Brownington, Vt.


This was my first purchase with Shattuck Motors and I will be coming back. My salesman has treated me so well when buying my first car on my own. He has explained everything to me as well as helping me with anything that I requested. I appreciated that they were so easy to deal with and they helped me as much as possible. My salesman helped me figure out what I wanted and what I could afford. Thank you Shattuck Motors team for a great experience.


West Charleston, Vt


I would recommend Shattuck Motors because they are locally owned, and have personal service. I found the same day service great! I walked in to look at a car and I went home with it that same day! My salesman was very freindly, nice and honest. He helped in every way to get me this car that day!


Haley & Johanna Kennedy

I would recommend Shattuck Motors becuase the atmosphere was very inviting. Everything was calm and low key. Also, everything was explained so I understood what was going on. I aprreciated the friendlilness and how person the experience was. My salesman made it very easy and personl, I, someone who has never gone through purchasing a car, understood everything that was going on. This was my first car from Shattuck Motors.

Haley & Johanna

Larisa & David

I would recommend Shattuck Motors because the service was professional and quick, and our salesman was awesome! It was nice to get financing, I wsnt sure I even could, but they were willing to work with me and try and I appreciated that. My salesman worked hard to find a good deal for us. This is our first car from Shattuck Motors.

Larisa & David


I would recommend Shattuck Motors because they are fast, efficient an very friendly. They paid attention to what I was looking for my price range. I appreciated that the staff at Shattuck Motors was very friendly and helpful. They gave me direct answers to the questions I asked. My salesman, paid attention to what I wanted and that helped my experience be great! This is my first vehcile from Shattuck Motors.



I experienced friendly service. They were very easy to work woth and were thorough, and I would recommend my family and freinds to Shattuck Motors for these reasons. I appreciated that they were able to work with my schedule. My salesman was very understanding of my schedule and was able to help me work it out to purchase my first vecile from them!


Kimberly and Donald

I would absolutly recommend Shattuck Motors because the sales team works with your credit, they have great relationships with the financial institutions. I appreciated my experience due to be able to use 1 car to trade and no money down and they were still able to get my monthly payment to fit my budget. This makes my third vehicle I have purchased from Shattuck Motors. Our salesman made our experience great by having all of the paperwork completed prior to our arrival, it was a sign and go! Communication and a personable staff at Shattuck Motors.

Kimberly & Donald


I would recommend Shattuck Motors to my family and friends because they helped me get a great deal on my new vehicle. They were fantastic, and were able to get me a new vehcile the very same day! My salesman made my buying experience great because he was very nice and understanding of the things I needed. This is my first vehcile I have bough from Shattuck Motors, and it was great!. Again, my saleman was very nice and very accomodating and very helpful!


Nate Cloutier & Family

I would recommend Shattuck Motors to my friends and family because they went above and beyond to help me when I needed a second car for my family.The best part of my experience from buying this car was that they had the car we talked about out front waiting so that my wife could see it. The look on her face and the kids made the whole trip!. This was my first vehcile from Shattuck Motors, and our salesman was very professional and friendly and he took care of us from start to finish.

Nate Cloutier

Robert Davis

I would recommendn Shattuck Motors because I feel I was treated fairly. I enjoyed my experience because I felt my salesman was very honest with me through out the transaction. This was my first vehcile I have purchased from Shattuck Motors, and I feel my salesman really made it a great experience.

Robert Davis

Barton VT

Eric & Michelle

I would recommend Shattuck Motors because our salesman was great to work with, he made sure we were happy. Shattuck Motors has a great selection of vehicles to choose from too!. This is our second vehicle we have purchased from Shattuck Motors, and it wont be our last! The process is always easy and great thanks to the salesteam being very honest and friendly! Thank You again, Shattuck Motors!.

Eric and Michelle

West Charleston, VT

Julie & Dan Cushing

Shattuck Motors was accomodating to all of our needs and we would recommend them to anyone. Our salesman offered a great atmosphere and was very friendly and honest. This is why we continue to come back to Shattuck Motors for our vehicles.

Julie and Dan

Joseph & Christine Brasseaur

I would recommend Shattuck Motors because they made us feel comfortable and the transaction was a smooth and very friendly atmosphere. This was our second vehicle from them and we always leave fealing satisfied, and the new vehicle is detailed very nicely. Our salesman was very friendly and accomodating.

Joe & Christie Brasseaur

Derby, Vt.

Sandra Mason

I would definitely recommend Shattuck Motors. My sales person was phenomenal !! He absolutely went above and beyond to help me, he was very personable and made me feel as important as a buyer of a brand new vehicle. My salesman also did his absolute best at getting me a great interest rate and a payment within my budget. This was my first vehicle from Shattuck Motors, but it will definitely not be my last. Thank you!!

Sandra Mason

2006 Nissan Altima

Johnson, Vt.


This was my first purchase from Shattuck Motors and my first truck YAY!! I would recommend Shattuck Motors to everyone because of the very fast and polite Service. I really enjoyed being appreciated and knowing 100% of what was happening and what I was buying. This was by far the best experience I have had with buying a vehicle. Shattuck Motors staff were very pleasant. Thank you.


2008 Ford F-250

Hyde Park, Vt.

Danielle 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee

This was my first purchase with Shattuck Motors and I would recommend them to every body. My salesman was very personable, friendly, professional, patient and eager to listen and not try to influence me/us to buy something out of our price range. He didn't pressure us or rush us into making a decision. We were also given a decent value for our trade in when our car needed repairs. They were willing to work with us. I appreciated that they gave my husband and I time to make decisions and not feel pressured or rushed. He was willing to work with us and listen to our questions and was happy to help us any way that he could. Our salesman was friendly, not pushy or uptight. He was very eager to listen and take into consideration all options that were best for us and our needs. Very patient and best of all...Always Smiling. Thank you.

Danielle and Jared

Newport, Vt.


This was my second purchase from Shattuck Motors. I would recommend them to everyone, ,my salesman was awesome to work with through the buying process. The best part about buying from Shattuck Motors was having such a great sales team to work with.


Orleans, Vt.


This was my first purchase with Shattuck Motors and I would recommend them to my friends and family because I feel they will be able to get the best deal there. They offer great trade in value and the salesman was great to work with. He did not try to push me into a deal that wasn't right for me. Thank you Shattuck Motors.


Newport, Vt.


This was my first vehicle purchased on my own and was supper excited. I would recommend Shattuck Motors to everyone. The salesman were very helpful. They answered all my questions and never once felt rushed. Their time and effort spent on me was greatly appreciated. I would and will come back here again.

Thank you so much,

Linda (Derby)

Scott & Marsha Byers

This is our 4th vehicle that we have purchased from Shattuck Motors. They do an excellent job working with us an they are always very friendly. Our salesman was very friendly and worked to get what we wanted. I will always recommend Shattuck Motors for their friendly and caring manner.

Scott and Marsha Byers

Brownington, Vt.


This was my first purchase from Shattuck Motors. I am very happy with my buying process and will definately be back. My salesman was very helpfull and made sure everything was set up and ready to go for me. He was super helpful and made an effort to get everything done and going above and beyond. He was very respectfull and in general, just willing to go out of his way to help. Thank you so much Shattuck Motors.

Holly Lefebvre

Albany, Vt.


This was my first purchase from Shattuck Motors and I would recommend them to everyone because of the great vehicle selection in every price range and the great friendly service. The personal respect given to me by the staff was the most memorable experience for me. My salesman provided a very loyal, personal and friendly service to me and did what ever it took to get me in the car "I" wanted. Thank you Shattuck Motors.


Newport, Vt.

Alice and Justin

This was my first purchase from Shattuck and they were very nice. They were able to get everything done for me in a real friendly manner. I would recommend Shattuck Motors to everyone. They made me feel like a kid buying my first car again.

Rachel Towle

2006 Honda Accord Great customer service

I recommend Shattuck Motors to anyone, they have great customer service, friendly and informative and I feel really good about my new car. Best part was the honesty and help in finding a car. It's my first time buying here. Our salesman was very patient let me drive more than 1 car and I was able to talk to my family and make the best choice for me. He is very friendly and personable.

Rachel Towle,

Island Pond, VT

Dave & Michelle Gonthier

Great experience made the process easy

Our salesman was easy to work with and made the process simple, everyone was friendly and I received great service.

Dave and Michelle Gonthier

Derby, VT

Karen Lapierre

My salesman made this a great experience for me, friendly and fast had all paperwork ready for me so I didn't have to wait. Very courteous and knowledgable of the vehicles on the lot. This is my 2nd car from Shattuck and both Vehicles are awesome. I showed up after work, full tank of gas, car washed and looking great signed my paperwork and be on my way with my new Hyundai Accent.

Karen Lapierre

Orleans, VT

James and Monica 2014 Jeep Compass

This was our first purchase with Shattuck Motors, I would recommend them anytime because they have good quality cars and fair prices. We really appreciated the friendly atmosphere that they offered. Our sales person was friendly and offered no pressure and was very patient, he was great. 

Christina Sheridan 2016 Jeep Compass

Shattuck Motors was awesome. This was my first purchase from Shattuck Motors and all the employees there were awesome to work with and thank you for all your help. They made sure my payments were where I wanted them to be and included my tax, title, and reg. Over all the service was awesome, I really appreciate all your help.

Christina Sheridan

2016 Jeep Compass

Bakersfield, Vt.

Curtis & Brenda Wood 2013 Dodge Avenger

This is our 2nd vehicle that we purchased from Shattuck Motors. They offered a straight forward discussion about our needs and they presented many options for us to consider. Our saleman was very clear on discussing numbers with us and was Very Helpful in how he presented the vehicles we were interested in, He listened to our needs and understood what our needs were.

Curtis and Brenda Wood

Richford, Vt.

Terri & John Medley 2014 Jeep Cherokee

We would recommend Shattuck Motors to our friends and family becuase they are honest and will give you the best deal they can. I appreciated the way Shattuck Motors worked to find the vehicle that suited our needs the most. Our salesman has always been available and accomadating to our shcedule and this is why we have purchased two vehciles prior to this one!

Terri & John  

Andre & Cheryl Lefebvre 2013 Ford Edge

First of all we felt that the Shattuck Motors staff were very honest and they were very accomodating to our needs and it was a very comfortable atmosphere to deal with. We felt comfortable knowing that they offer reliable service and knowing your service continues after the pruchase of the vehicle. Previously we had purchased a Jeep from Shattuck Motros, there was a radiator problem and Brad willingly had it fixed without charge. This is why we came back. Our salesman strived to have good communication in figurng out what each of us wanted in a vehicle. There was nothing intimidating in his manner. We also really enjoy the family picture that they took of all of us. It was great.

Andre & Cheryl Lefebvre

Aaron & Kasey Ede 2016 Ford Explorer Lim

They have great customer service and are very friendly. Our salesman was very helpful and answered all my questions. I went from a 1999 Ford Explorer to a 2016 Ford Explorer and was treated great. I would recommend Shattuck Motors to everyone.

Aaron & Kasey Ede

Richford, Vt.

Kaden Prue 2008 Chevy Malibu

Big Thank you to ShattuckMotors for your service. I highly recommend Shattuck Motors to everyone! Not only is this my son's first car, but we have also purchased a truck and Harley. To have a car dealer listen to your needs and pull through in very little turn around time. Excellent customer service!!

Shannnon Prue

Newport, Vt.

Stacy Bergeron 2014 Kia Soul

I would recommend and do tell everyone to go to Shattuck Motors because they are always there when you need them. This is my 4th car from them, also the service is always great they made it easy to work with them and saved me money.

Stacy Bergeron

Newport VT

Lynn Belmore 2015 Jeep Cherokee

I would Absolutely recommend Shattuck Motors. They have always been very kind and accomodating and not pushy. They were great at letting me take my time to decide what I wanted. My salesman went above and beyond to make my payment as low as possible and getting me the car that I wanted and loved without a co-signer.


Derby, Vt.

Alysha Grenier - 2017 Jeep Renegade

This is my second vehicle from Shattuck Motors and I would definately recommend them to everyone looking for a new vehicle. And I will definately be back for my next one. My salesman was wonderful, and was very patient. Great experiance as usual.

Alysha Grenier

Derby Line, Vt.

Dan & Julie Cushing 2016 Ford F150

We would recommend Shattuck Motors because the sales staff was honest and direct. We very much appreciate that they was very focused on us during the sale, they didnt take any interruptions, phone calls looking at a watch, or anything.They answered all of our questions honestly. This is our third vehicle we have purchased from Shattuck Motors and thanks to the sales team, they have helped them all be stress free and BS free!

Dan and Julie Cushing

Brighton, VT

Stacy Comeau & Jonathan Macfarlane 2011 Mazda 3

We would recommend Shattuck Motors because they are upfront and honest, no pressure and no hassle buying. I appreciated the respectful sales staff, ease of transaction and the donuts!! Our salesman made my first purchase from Shattuck Motors simple and painless, he was respectful of our budget and our time restraints and made this process as smooth as possible.

Stacy & Jonathan 

Dick and Marilyn O'Hara 2014 Chrysler T&C

13 years ago we moved to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont from PA. In those ensuing years we have purchased 4 vehicles, all from Shattuck Motors. From our 1st experience of shopping at Shattuck's 12 years ago until our most recent purchase this month we have been absolutely delighted with the sales and service offered by Shattuck Motors.

We have always known that at Shattuck's we will be treated fairly, honestly and with the highest degree of integrity. Those qualities are extremely important to us and are the reasons that we keep returning as loyal customers.

Over the years, Shattuck has bent over backwards to make sure that the process of car buying was as convenient and pleasant for us as possible. We have never at any time felt pressured to buy a vehicle and have always been left with the impression that the sales staff was just as concerned that we purchase the right vehicle for our needs as we were. Shattuck's attention to detail, willingness to accommodate any special needs and or requests that we have had as well as their fine service before, during and after the sale is 2nd to none.

Frankly we can't conceive of buying a used vehicle from anyone else! Thanks Shattuck Motors.

Dick and Marilyn O'Hara

Derby, VT

Lisa Foster 2016 Subaru Outback

I would definately recommend Shattuck Motors because they are honest, caring, and willing to work with a customer and they are just all around good trustworthy people. Brad worked with my indecission about which wehicle would be right for me. He's a good listener.

Lisa Foster

Newport, Vt

Gordon & Carolyn Lesperance 2018 Dodge Grand Cara

We have purchased several vehicles from Shattuck Motors and they have always offered us great service and are always fair before, during, and after the sale. Our salesman made sure everything was done on time and was organized.

Gordon & Carolyn

Derby, Vt.